Classify Learning

the client

Classify Learning simplifies teaching. Teachers easily track student progress, while administrators effortlessly create tests and manage courses.

The tool offers customizable tests and a system that ensures smooth education management, providing clear and straightforward decision-making.

We’ve created for classify learning:
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Web Design (UI/UX)
Mobile App Design (UI/UX)
Webflow Development
Product Design
the problem

Just like many startup founders, the person who founded Classify Learnings also made the company's brand and website in the beginning.

Years passed and even though the company and its product did well and were profitable, it was clear that it was time to level up.

Classify Learning approached Revolution Design to make their website easier to use and to make sure people see them as a trust-worthy and established brand.

the process

In our first week, we held a brand workshop that unveiled Classify Learning's target persona, values, and founding story.

From there, we generated mood boards and initial designs, setting the course for the final brand identity and visual direction.

the result

We've revamped Classify Learning's brand, shifting from a traditional to a modern style.

This transformation has increased customer appeal, refined their pitch to potential investors, and elevated their ability to attract top talent.