WEB 3 Wallet
the client

Exodus, a publicly traded web3 wallet, revolutionized web3 wallet adoption in 2015 through its groundbreaking and user-friendly design, setting new standards for innovation and user experience in web3 space.

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Web Design (UI/UX)
Mobile App Design (UI/UX)
Webflow Development
Pitch Decks
3D Design
the problem

Exodus, known for its user-friendly web3 wallet, sought to expand its design team with skilled web3 designers to maintain their high standards.

After struggling to find the right talent, they partnered with the experts at Revolution Designers to bring in the needed expertise.

the process

When tackling challenges at Exodus Designs, we fully engaged in the product design process, fostering creative brainstorming sessions and concepts for their rebranding.

This hands-on approach has played a crucial role in catalyzing meaningful and positive changes in both the product and brand.

the result

Our collaboration with Exodus has significantly enhanced their product's core features and user experience.

Additionally, we've played a pivotal role in their successful rebrand by introducing fresh and innovative concepts.

These combined efforts have firmly established Exodus as a leading web3 wallet, renowned for its outstanding design and user-centric approach, making it one of the most widely used web3 wallets.