event ticket seller
the client

GoOut stands as the premier online event ticket seller in both Central and Eastern Europe, drawing millions of visitors annually.

With tens of thousands of events added each year, event promoters rely on this platform to seamlessly manage every aspect of their ticket sales.

We’ve created for GoOut:
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Web Design (UI/UX)
Mobile App Design (UI/UX)
Webflow Development
Pitch Decks
3D Design
the problem

GoOut already had a robust design team but sought additional support to accelerate their design work.

This is when they turned to Revolution Design, tapping into our top-tier design talent.

the process

After our team was brought on board, we gradually merged with GoOut's task backlog.

We've been working together on the process of improving branding, website design, and product design, emphasizing collaboration throughout these ongoing projects.

the result

GoOut went through a remarkable transformation, completely reshaping their brand, product, appearance, and strategy.

This thorough transformation not only increased user engagement on their website but also garnered even more positive feedback from their users.

Most importantly, it played a crucial role in their acquisition by AS Piletilevi Group, marking a major milestone in their journey.